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Our Services Include Complete Safety Analysis & Oil Changes

With our complete safety analysis, you will know exactly what is going on with your vehicle. Is it time for new tires, a fluid top-up or brake repairs? We’ve got you covered with oil changes, brake repair and much more in Surrey! Not only do we offer repairs and maintenance, we are also a designated vehicle inspection facility and will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe before you leave. At Fast Service Auto, we offer a wide variety of services including:

Air Conditioning Service

Even during the winter months, regular maintenance on your vehicle’s AC system is important. The Air Conditioning system consists of many components including hoses, belts, and fluid. Wear and tear occurs on these components even when the AC system is not in use. Don’t get stuck in the heat when summer rolls around! Bring your vehicle in for air conditioning services today.

Complete Computer Diagnostics

Today’s cars contain complex computer systems that regulate important functions including air bags, alarm systems, anti-lock brakes, traction control, gauges, transmission, and engine controls. If your car is experiencing performance issues or if your “Check Engine” light is on, don’t waste time and money using trial and error methods! Our certified mechanics use the latest computer diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the root cause of your car troubles. This saves you time and money. If you are experiencing car trouble or your “Check Engine” light is on, hurry in today for complete computer diagnostics and eliminate the issue before you cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

Complete Safety Analysis

Regular use of your vehicle causes wear and tear. Although this damage is minimal, over time it can lead to performance issues that can lead to result in the need for major, often costly, repairs. Regular maintenance can help you avoid this scenario by fixing small issues before they become BIG problems. Our complete safety analysis includes inspection of the most commonly affected areas of your vehicle including tire pressure/treads, fluid levels, and lamps such as headlights, tail lights, and turn signals. Don’t wait for a breakdown! Be confident that your vehicle is safe and in good condition by allowing us to perform a complete safety analysis.

Coolant Systems

Overheating is a serious problem that can cause permanent engine damage and breakdowns. Your vehicle’s coolant system consists of many parts such as the radiator, water pump, and electric fan that keep your engine at the optimal temperature. Another component of your coolant system is the actual coolant (often referred to as anti-freeze). Much like engine oil, the effectiveness of this fluid is reduced by regular use. Don’t get stranded! If you have experienced any signs of overheating or if you cannot recall the last time you changed your coolant, bring your vehicle into our mechanics.

Air conditioning
Safety Analysis
Coolant Systems

Designated Vehicle Inspection

Inspections are only mandatory for new vehicles brought in to the province, re-built vehicles, commercial vehicles and vehicles that are served with notice and order by the police or vehicle inspectors. Our designated vehicle inspection facility will inspect your vehicle to determine its road worthiness. Our technicians will check for potential hazards and let you know if anything needs to be repaired. Visit our designated vehicle inspection facility today.

Drivability Problems

Is your car driving the way it should? Drivability issues can have a major effect on your vehicle's on-road performance. Often, the cause of these problems is linked to issues with systems such as the powertrain, ignition, or distributor, just to name a few. Drivability is not only an annoyance. It also causes major problems that can lead to breakdowns. Our certified mechanics are experienced in the latest diagnostic techniques that will zero in on the cause of your drivability issue and fix the problem right away. Bring your car in today and be comfortable and confident with your vehicle’s performance!


Electrical Systems

Your vehicle relies on many electrical components to function properly. Parts such as the battery and alternator, fuses, and wires control core functions such as start up. Problems within the electrical system can lead to reduced gas mileage, reduced performance, or even refusal to start. Bring in your vehicle today and have some simple diagnostics run on your electrical system to prevent future problem.

Engine Work

The engine is one of the most important components of your vehicle. A malfunctioning engine can cause a wide range of performance issues and breakdowns. Since your engine is comprised of many different parts, it is important to only allow a professional to work on it. Trust our certified mechanics with your engine and increase the lifetime and reliability of your vehicle today.

Fleet Maintenance

We understand that your company vehicles are the heart of your business. It is important that they are consistently running in tip-top shape. That’s why we offer fleet maintenance. We handle all the services you require to keep your fleet up and running. From preventive maintenance to major repairs, trust us for all your fleet maintenance needs.

Fuel System Services

A properly maintained fuel system helps your engine perform at optimal conditions. A dirty fuel system can cause idling issues, decreased gas mileage, knocking, and failed start-ups. Additionally, keeping your fuel system clean increases the life of your vehicle. Our fuel system services will help clean buildup and deposits from areas such as your fuel injectors and intake valves. Don’t let grime destroy your engine. Let us take a look at your fuel system today.


Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

Is your car idling funny or making excessive noise? You may have an issue with your exhaust system or muffler. A properly functioning exhaust system improves drivability and reduces emissions. Does the noise your car emits at a traffic light make you cringe? Don’t be embarrassed by your noisy vehicle – let our certified mechanics fix your exhaust troubles.

Oil Changes

Did you know that most vehicle manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles? Engine oil acts as an important lubricant for the moving parts within your engine. Regular vehicle use causes oil to become less effective due to breakdown and particles such as dirt. Therefore, changing your engine oil is one of the most important preventive services we perform on your vehicle. Regular oil changes improve the life of your engine. If it’s time for an oil change, come into our shop.


Steering and Suspensions

You rely on your vehicle’s steering and suspension system every day. A properly maintained system is vital to the safety of your driving experience. Our certified mechanics will look at all components of your steering and suspension system including ball joints, rods, sway bars, and more to ensure that every piece is working flawlessly. Don’t play around with your safety! Let us fix your steering and suspension today.


Have you noticed a decrease in gas mileage, loss in vehicle power, stalling, knocking, or a persistent “Check Engine” light? These are signs that it may be time for a tune up. A tune-up will save you money by improving gas mileage and increasing the life of your vehicle. When we perform a tune-up on your vehicle we will inspect and adjust many major systems. Ensure that your car is running its best by bringing it in for a tune-up.


Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignment is the measurement of complex suspension angles and the adjustment of a variety of suspension components. It is a suspension-tuning tool which greatly influences the vehicle’s handling and tire wear. Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground, thus maximizing tire life and ensuring straight and true tracking along a straight and level road. Proper wheel alignment provides you with a smooth and comfortable driving experience. More importantly, it ensures that you get the most life out of your tires. Misalignment can lead to faster or uneven tire wear and poor vehicle control. Get the most out of your tires and let our technicians perform a wheel alignment on your vehicle today.

Give us a call if you have any questions about our service or if you’d like to schedule vehicle repairs or maintenance.


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