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Professional Services by Experienced Car Mechanics in Surrey 

Fast Service Auto Repairs has been providing quality and trusted advice to customers since our founding in 2003. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience and can affordably fulfill all your automotive needs. Whether it’s preventative maintenance to lengthen the life of your vehicle or major repairs needed in an emergency, we are always here to help.

If you are looking for reliable car mechanics in Surrey, reach out to us

Auto Diagnostics & Repair

Does your vehicle have a complicated issue with its electrical system, drivability, air conditioning, engine, or exhaust system? Are the tires of your vehicle acting up and getting in the way of a smooth journey? Don’t waste time and money guessing the origin of your car’s issues! Our certified mechanics will use the latest computer diagnostic equipment and technologies to pinpoint the exact cause of your car troubles. 

Fleet Maintenance & Repairs

Are you a business owner in need of preventative maintenance or repairs for your fleet? Our car mechanics in Surrey can handle all your fleet maintenance and repair needs. 
At Fast Service Auto Repairs, we perform regular check-ups of brakes and tires, fuel filters, lights, battery terminals, electronics and electrical systems so that your car remains high-performance. We also provide you with computer diagnostics and complete safety analysis of your automobile. 
Our mechanics take care of regular oil changes, besides checking and flushing coolants and steering and transmission fluids. That way, we ensure your car is safe, free of malfunction and fuel-efficient. 
Our certified mechanics troubleshoot and repair engines, steering and suspension problems, exhaust systems and car air conditioners. We fix wheel alignments and drivability issues, and tune up your vehicle for the best mileage. 

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Customer focus 


Customer satisfaction is paramount for us at Fast Service Auto Repairs. We proudly provide you with the best car condition. Contact our Surrey crew for a complete range of automotive services

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