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Professional Oil Change Services in Surrey

Changing engine oils is one of the most underrated maintenance tips for vehicle upkeep. Many people ignore it for months, thinking it won’t do much harm, but any mechanic can tell you how destructive it can be for your engine. At Fast Service Auto Repairs Ltd, we offer expert oil change services in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Changing the oil is crucial to preventative maintenance and can help you get the most out of your vehicle for extended periods. Over the years, we have acquired much experience working on different cars of different makes and can help you get stress-free and quick services.

Contact us for an oil change or other automotive repairs or maintenance services in Surrey. If you wish to read about vehicle maintenance and upkeep, make sure that you check out our blogs.

Benefits of Oil Change


Changing your engine oil on time can have a lot of benefits for your vehicle. Here are a few you should know about:

  • Better performance
    One of the most significant benefits it offers is improved performance. Older oil loses its ability over time and can increase friction in the pistons once it gets dirty. New engine oil makes everything smoother, thus improving the vehicle's performance.


  • Protects your engine
    Timely changes of engine oil can protect your engine from getting damaged due to excess wear and tear, friction, and sludge build-up. It also saves your engine from overheating during a long drive.


  • Clean engine
    When you drive your vehicle, dirt and debris can get in the engine due to dirty engine oil. This can severely damage the engine as you continue to drive. A timely oil change can save you a lot of trouble.


  • Eco-friendly
    You might not know, but regularly changing the engine oil can mean lower emissions. The heat around your engine oil makes it burn and release gases. This increases your emissions and can make your vehicle more polluting. Regularly swapping the old oil for new makes your car less polluting.

Frequently Asked Questions


Have some questions about engine oil change services? We have answered a few common questions for you here:

What Are the Signs My Car Needs an Oil Change?


Your vehicle might show these signs when it needs an oil change service:


  • Weird smoke from the exhaust

  • Dark and dirty-looking oil

  • Knocking noise from the engine

  • Burning smell inside the vehicle

  • Drop in mileage and overheating

  • Check the engine or change the oil light is on


If your car shows any of the above signs, visit us for oil change services in Surrey. 

Why Should I Get a Complete Engine Oil Replacement Instead of Just Topping It Off?


Your existing engine oil will have impurities, and topping it off will dirty your newer oil. This will not help your engine at all. A complete change means the tank is clean before fresh oil is filled.

How Much Time Do I Need to Get a Complete Oil Change Service?


With our experienced team and advanced equipment, a complete engine oil change needs anywhere between 50 to 60 minutes. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to call us! Visit our promotion section to get discounts and special offers.

Give Your Engine a New Life

With just an engine oil change, your vehicle can improve performance and fuel efficiency.

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