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Our mechanics and technicians have the skills to provide your vehicle's right maintenance and repairs.


Trusted Specialists for Auto Repairs in Surrey 

Are you looking for a reliable automobile repair shop that offers quality services in a stress-free manner? At Fast Service Auto Repairs Ltd, we take pride in our integrity and quality of service. As a locally owned and operated shop for auto repairs in Surrey, we pledge to provide the highest level of satisfaction to all our customers and ensure that their vehicles are tended to with the utmost care. From routine maintenance to major repairs, you can trust that our highly skilled mechanics will devote their full care and attention to giving your vehicle the treatment it deserves.

Increase the performance of your car by getting regular auto repair services in Surrey. Regular repair services keep your automobile at an optimal level and extend the engine's life.

To know more about the benefits of auto repairs or to schedule an appointment, please speak to a member of our team today.  



Benefits of auto repair and regular maintenance 

Regular repair and maintenance services for automobiles have several benefits. They are:

  • Better performance: When the engine is running at its optimal level, it will increase its horsepower, increase the mileage, and boost the overall performance of the car. A well-maintained car will have a higher market value.
  • Enhances safety: Regular checking of brakes, oil quality, and air pressure in tires helps identify the automobile's underlying issues. Repair services are important for the safety of your automobile.
  • Saves money: A well-maintained car saves you from costly and unnecessary repair expenses.
  • Improved life span: Regular maintenance of your car improves its life span; you can ensure it will be your loyal partner for many years.
  • Increases fuel efficiency: Regular changing of oil, coolants, radiator fluid, and other vital fluids vastly improves fuel efficiency. 
  • Higher resale value: If you ever plan to sell your vehicle, you should stay on top of your maintenance schedule. It will keep the high resale value of your car.
  • Reduces roadside emergencies: Keeping your car well-maintained will save you from frequent troubles while on the road. You can avoid being stranded on the road with the regular upkeep of your vehicle. 


Get professional auto repairs at Fast Service Auto Repairs Ltd In Surrey today. For quick assistance, you can reach out to our experts. 

Full Service Tire Shop

Full-Service Tire Shop

Choose the right tires for your vehicle and your lifestyle. We carry and install major brands.

Routine Vehicle Check-Ups

Routine Vehicle Check-Ups

Flushing engine fluid and testing electronics are part of our preventative maintenance service.

Brake Repair Specialists

Brake Repair Specialists

It’s important to maintain or repair your braking system to ensure vehicle safety.

Schedule Vehicle Service

Schedule Vehicle Service

Need a major repair or routine maintenance done on your vehicle?

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help you get your vehicle running at peak performance. You can get various vehicle repair and maintenance services when you visit our workshop. Some of the most popular of our services include:


  • Tire services
    Your tires bear the whole vehicle's weight and need good care to last long. A tire in good condition can make your ride comfortable and smooth. Our team of experts can help you with services related to tires so that you don't end up with a flat tire on a busy day.


  • Preventative maintenance
    Everyone hates it when they are late for work and the car won't start. Proper preventive maintenance can help you dodge these situations and ensure that your vehicle never leaves you stranded. We provide excellent preventative maintenance using technologies like computer diagnostics to ensure your vehicle is always ready to go.


  • Brake repairs
    Brakes are an integral part of your vehicles, and any issue with them can lead to a disaster. If you have noticed car braking problems lately, bringing it to a mechanic for a proper diagnosis is crucial. We have advanced equipment that can help us find and fix the problem quickly.


  • Additional services
    Apart from the above-listed services, we have a lot of other services aimed at repairing and maintaining your vehicle. We can fix your steering, suspensions, wheel alignment, etc.

BCAA Approved Facility

As a BCAA member, you can take comfort in knowing that taking care of your vehicle will no longer be a hassle. We always welcome you to talk directly with the technician working on your vehicle, who will happily give you open and honest advice. Bring your vehicle into Fast Service Auto Repairs Ltd today and see the difference our BCAA-approved facility provides.

Green Triangle
Fleet service

Fleet Service


Keeping on top of what is required to maintain a fleet of company vehicles can be time-consuming, and that’s why Fast Service Auto Repairs Ltd can set up routine maintenance with your company. We provide the required repairs and preventative maintenance to keep your vehicle fleet running properly. Learn about the services we offer for individually owned cars or a fleet of company vehicles.


Why Choose Us?


Over the years, our repair services have helped us earn the trust of many customers from all walks of life. If you can't decide if you should work with us, here are a few points that might make your decision easier:

  • Comprehensive range of services 
    Our staff can work on all kinds of vehicles and can provide services like AC repairs, computer diagnostics, engine works and more. We even offer fleet maintenance services for our commercial customers who own a large fleet of vehicles for operations.


  • Dynamic approach
    Our workshop houses the latest equipment operated by experienced professionals in all kinds of vehicles. This allows us to customize your service in a manner that fits you the best.


  • Customer-centric services
    At Fast Service Auto Repairs Ltd, we believe in a customer-first approach. This is why we always try to build a lasting relationship that's mutually beneficial for everyone. We communicate with the customer throughout the process and update them about their vehicles.

To know more about our services, give us a call today!

Contact Us Today


Learn more about our auto repairs in Surrey by contacting our office today. You can also call us at 604-543-4655 to reach our representatives.

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Professional Affiliations

BC Provincial Inspection Facility

Experts Specialist You Can Trust

With over 15 years of experience, you can rely on our team to deliver professional auto repair services in Surrey. We also offer auto maintenance and tire services. Call us today for more information. 

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